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Wrestling Tribute

Posted Monday, August 09, 2010 by Kareem Elrawi

Wrestlers are the strongest fastest, smartest, and most discipline athletes in the world. But that's not what makes us unique. I believe we are the MOST dedicated people to our sport in the world. We sacrifice our bodies to a sport of fighting. Practices are normally 2 and a half hours of lifting, grappling and conditioning. Some day’s practices exceed 3 and a half hours, which leave your body feeling as if you just completed a literal street brawl.

We give up our social lives and can’t afford to party nor give in to peer pressure of drinking alcohol or smoking, due to great demand wrestling bodies require. Any of these delinquent acts would only hinder or diminish the hard work we put into our bodies as well as take longer to reach a true wrestlers fitness shape.

When our weight class is called, we have no teammates out on the mat with us to help get past an opponent. We stand on a mat with all eyes on us, alone, no one to fall back on when we make a mistake, no star safety to make the saving tackle, no shooting guard to make the buzzer beater 3-pointer, no anchor runner to take the baton and no goalie to make the diving save.

We are the leanest, meanest and strongest athletes in the world. Ladies want us, men want to be just like us, but most people are to scared to even attempt to become one of us. So this is a tribute to all those who sacrifice everything, their free time, their favorite foods, and most importantly their way life. Many would ask, why would someone work so hard, until they are puking in practice, soaked in 3 layers of clothes and not attend that awesome party? Or why would they induce the blood, sweat and tears? Or participate in the early morning runs, or mid day workouts, or the extra run after practice to lose that last crucial pound to make weight. A wrestlers question is this, why not; you want to be a wrestler, right? 

No matter which road you travel the road in wrestling always ends in tears. The wrestler that takes second cries because his dreams are over and he believes he did not work hard enough. The wrestler that wins it all cries the most. because everything that he has put into the sport has finally made it worthwhile. Wrestlers will wrestle through anything because we are friggin' wrestlers. And to me, GREATNESS parallels the word wrestler. I salute all who commit their life to something greater, something bigger than themselves. Wrestlers don’t wrestle because they just simply like it, you would have to be crazy to enjoy the daily wrestling abuse provided by your teammates and opponents.

Yet there are the few who love it, they do it cause they were born to. These select people I applaud. There is minimal future in wrestling, no pro league, no million-dollar contract, just a smelly practice room and a dream to achieve greatness. Wrestling is not a sport it’s a lifestyle! So when I think about what it means to be great, committed, disciplined, and determined, you can now understand why the word ''wrestler'' comes to my mind.  

”A Wrestlers Perspective/Kareem Elrawi''

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