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Fundraising for Corona Wrestling
Fundraising for Corona Wrestling has never been easier. If you buy groceries, then you can help us raise money to support the program.
Here's how it works. When you buy groceries, a percentage (2% to 5%) of your purchase is donated to Corona Wrestling by the grocery store. There is no extra cost to you. Why do grocery stores do this? Simply, they want loyal customers. They figure that if they donate to an organization that you care about, then you will shop more frequently at their store.
The Process
The details vary depending on the store at which you shop. Currently, Corona Wrestling offers two grocery chains: Albertsons and Vons (through escrip). You can sign-up to use one or more of these stores. Also, if you register you credit card with escrip, you can earn money for us at many more merchants throughout the entire United States. Here's the details.
Albertsons. If you shop at Albertsons, the process requires you to associate your Albertsons card with the Corona Wrestling Foundation on the Albertson's website at www.albertsons.com.   Select the "In The Community" link at the bottom of the page and then select the "Albertsons Community Partners" link on the right.  Select "Shopper login or ...", enter your Albertsons card number and your phone number, select "Find a Partner" and enter Corona Wrestling, Corona, California.  Check the box next to Corona Wrestling Boosters then select "Add Selected Partners".  If you need assistance the number is 1 877 932 7948.  

If you shop at Vons, the process is really simple. The first step is to register your Vons card with escrip. Escrip is a company that works with Vons and other merchants around the US to help with customer loyalty. To register your Vons card, go to escrips' website (www.escrip.com), click the "sign up" menu item and follow the directions. The first question you will be asked is the name of the organization that you want to receive the donation. Type "Corona Wrestling" into the search box and click on search. A line showing "Corona Wrestling Boosters" should appear. Click on the words "Corona Wrestling Boosters" and follow the instructions. If you need assistance the number is 1 877 723 3929. 
Once your Vons and Albertsons cards are registered, all you need to do is use them whenever you make a purchase. A percentage of your purchase will be automatically credited to us. In fact, any family or friends that shop at these stores or other escrip grocery merchants can also sign-up and support our program. Please pass the word.

More About Escrip.
Escrip offers more than just a percentage of your grocery purchases at Vons. If you are willing to register your credit card with escrip, then anytime you use that credit card at any of escrip's participating merchants, Corona Wrestling receives a percentage of the purchase. Check their website (www.escrip.com) for a list of participating merchants. We realize that you may have some concerns about registering your credit card with escrip. Please consider that escrip has been in business for a number of years and bases it entire business on maintaining the security of your personal information. If they abuse your trust, they go out of business.

The Bottom Line
These are painless ways for you to support Corona Wrestling. We encourage you to sign-up and recommend this to your family and friends. In particular, the escrip program allows family in other parts of the state and/or county to support the program. If you have any questions about any of these opportunities to help, please contact Susan Hudson at jeff63smom@yahoo.com. Sign-up soon and keep shopping!!

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